Short Term Placement

Sometimes urgent situations arise that an animal needs to be relocated to a new  facility or out of it's current home.   There are times when the  facility  that is going to provide a long term placement needs to build an appropriate enclosure and can not immediately take the exotic animal.    If we have an available enclosure we  can provide a safe, healthy, nurturing placement  for the animal until the long term facility is fully prepared to take the animal.    We have a very good working relationship with other USDA licensed facilities in  North Carolina and throughout the United States.

The little arctic fox pictured above was privately owned and his owner became critically ill and had to place all of his pets with new families.  Living in a location that it was illegal to own an exotic animal this man was not able to find a new home for him.  We were able to provide a short term home to him during his transition time to a new facility while they upfitted an enclosure for him.  He now is very happy in this new home and we were thankful to be part of his successful journey to his new home.  

This little marmoset stayed with us for a brief time while a permanent placement was found for her.   Monkeys are a major long term commitment, like parrots and they are very intelligent.   Most people that think they want a  monkey do not realize the limitations owning one  will cause.  If you consider owning ANY exotic animal, please volunteer at least a couple hundred hours of your time at a facility that houses them so you can see their habits and the type of care they require.  Find out how much the veterinarian bills and food bills are.  Clean their enclosures and provide new enrichment every day.  Then decide if you truly are meant to take on the huge responsibility of owning one yourself.

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