Long & Short-Term Exotics Placement

More about short-term placement...

Before a facility accepts a new animal, they may need to build an appropriate enclosure first; they are not always able to house the animal immediately. That's where FAWC comes in!

If we have an available enclosure, we provide a safe, healthy, nurturing placement for a displaced animal until the long-term facility is fully prepared to take it. We have a very good working relationship with other USDA-licensed facilities in North Carolina and throughout the United States.

The little arctic fox pictured above, for example, was privately-owned. His owner, however, became critically ill and had to place all of his pets with new families. We were able to provide a short-term home for the fox while another facility upfitted a new enclosure for him. He now is very happy in this new home, and we were thankful to be part of his successful journey.

Serval cat

More about long-term placement...

Sometimes private owners realize that they are not equipped to meet all the needs of an exotic animal, they can no longer care for them, or they have to move to an area where it is illegal to have them. Exotic animal ownership is more difficult than owning a cat or dog: the animal still has the innate behaviors of their wild cousins, they need specialized and very expensive veterinary care, and these animals require raw meat and fresh fruits and vegetables prepared daily. You can't just drop off an exotic at the local shelter!

If we have the requisite time and space for the animal, FAWC can provide a long-term home for an exotic. We have experience caring for numerous species such as raccoons, African servals, tortoises, rat snakes, primates, and more.

Questions about placing an exotic?

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