Displaced Exotic Animals

Serval cat

Our handsome"Odin".  He is an African Serval that was living in an apartment in a state that didn't allow exotic animals.

Our  gorgeous girl "Shango".  She was previously at a parrot rescue outside of Boston that was in the process of moving.  She is about 25 years old and as you can see suffers from chronic plucking,  something that happens to many parrots for reasons like not getting enough attention or  an insufficient diet  

Sometimes private owners realize that they are not equipped to meet all the needs of an exotic animal or they have to move to an area where it is illegal to have them.  They have told use that exotic animal ownership was appealing for a number of reasons but once they found  out that the animal still has the innate behaviors of their wild cousins, that they need specialized and very expensive  veterinary care, and these animals really need raw meat and fresh fruits and vegetables prepared daily, the reality overpowers their desire to have an animal that is different and unique.    

Some of the things we have  heard  are:

  • African Servals urinate ON YOU if they are comfortable with you and like you.

  • The animal marks their territory all over the house, sometimes  in  air vents and all over your bed.

  • They just can not afford to take them to the  exotic animal veterinarian and their regular vet won't see them.

  • Their feces has an extremely strong, offensive odor which is the case with ferrets and many other wild animals.  

  • It just takes too long each day to prepare the meals for the animal.    Most exotic animals  require raw meat, rats or other small animals as food with   specialize vitamins and/ or minerals added to their diet and it take a lot of prep time.

  • Their landlord found out that the "cat" they claimed to have in their apartment was actual a 30 lb exotic cat that didn't like anyone but the owner and they were given a short amount of  time to get rid of the animal or move out of their home.

  • They just got a huge job opportunity in another town or state and it is illegal in the new state to privately own any kind of exotic animal.   

 This is Lottie,  our Spur thigh tortoise who is also from a rescue for reptiles, which is also where the Everglades rat snake, "Eva" came from (pictured left).  The monkey riding the tortoise is one of our animal ambassador that has taught many people about the rain-forest in South America. 

" Gracie" the raccoon was previously an animal ambassador for another educational outreach facility but was retired as the facility had to down size due to health issues of the owners.  Gracie temporarily lived at another local facility but due to her nocturnal nature was awake after all the guests and staff was not around.  She was a bit lonely so we offered to provide her a home where she is able to get more human interaction like she was used to at the outreach facility.

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