Charlie's Journey of Perseverance

My son and his father found Charlie sitting strangely on the side of a road.   Once they investigated they realized he was very scared and dragged his back end.  My son sat down to be less threatening about 10 feet away and Charlie quickly pulled himself over and climbed up into his lap.  Of course they brought him home and upon further inspection we realized he had several burns on his body and cuts all over his face.  We took him to the vet and as you can see from the x-ray below his back was severely broken.  Our veterinarian consulted an orthopedic surgeon and both agreed that surgery would most likely do more harm than good.  They told us that we would need to express his bladder multiple times a day and he would not have any control over his bowels.  None of this mattered because our whole family felt that this boy had found us for a reason .  At that time we needed rescuing as much as he did.  

At first he didn't want us out of his sight and for weeks he didn't make a sound.  Through contacts of friends, we were fortunate to have one woman donate a wheelchair for him.  From that point on, he has LOVED playing and RUNNING outside with our other dogs.  At first it was hard to decipher if he was happy or sad because he couldn't wag his tail, but quickly we learned his body language which usually shows he is happy and wanting loving.  Now we are HIS family and he has a very large bark which he uses whenever someone comes to the door.

Charlie has inspired something different in each one of us.  We are all in awe by the amazing fact that a dog that was that severely abused and discarded can look past all that, smile all the time, and play like he has nothing holding him back.  He has been our inspiration! 

Charlie passed away recently from a very resistant bladder infection but the impact he had on all that knew him will last forever.  We miss him so very much and I wish he could know how he helped me get in touch with the strength and perseverance I needed to conquer challenges were coming my way!

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